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Style Masterclass

Jun 15, 2021

On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, I talk about why it is important to learn HOW to love your body. A lot of people preach body acceptance and self love, but don’t tell you HOW to actually get to a place where you accept and love your body. Telling you that you SHOULD do something without telling you HOW does you absolutely no good. This month, during the Big Ass Style Challenge, I am teaching you:

  1. How to accept
  2. How to own
  3. How to celebrate 

Your curves, your booty, and any other part of your body that you think should be different. No more using body positivity as another way to shame yourself. Learn how to start the journey towards self love and self acceptance.

Join me for the Big Ass Style Challenge starting June 21st to June 24th & the Big Ass Party on June 25th.