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Style Masterclass

Jun 7, 2022

On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, we’re talking all things business - this is for you lady bosses, with a very special guest, Trudi Lebron.

You’ll learn:

  1. What equity actually is.
  2. What happens when we break through the BS rules.  
  3. How to use your power to create positive change. 

Trudi Lebrón is the CEO of ScriptFlip! LLC and creator of the Institute for Equity Centered Coaching. By the time Trudi was 16, she had two children and had dropped out of high school—all the odds were against her. Today, Trudi runs a million-dollar coaching and consulting firm, helping entrepreneurs and coaches build antiracist businesses and become equity-centered coaches and leaders through ScriptFlip! certification programs, consulting packages, and executive coaching. Trudi holds a BA in Theatre, a Master of Science in Psychology, and is currently ABD in a PhD program in Social Psychology.  

The first 3 people who email me at with the subject line, “Book Winner”, and we’ll send you a copy of Trudi’s fantastic book!